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Because the world is ruined, it can be rebuilt.

Because we can die, we can change.

Because the past is dead, we may finally have a future.

What if D&D's approach to history and divinity was the exact opposite of reverential?

GODEATER is a serious attempt to build a game that can do everything D&D does, but is nevertheless resolutely not D&D in a funny hat. It is a game about problem-solving and tough choices, in a world littered with the cavernous bodies of dead deities. It combines some of the sensibilities of the OSR school of gaming with more up-to-date mechanics and a focus on characterisation. It also includes an intuitive magic system based around control and communication of elemental spirits, and an attempt to build a world a little beyond generic fantasy and all of its unfortunate implications.

The Core Rules are simple enough to fit onto three pages, but the included document packs in fifteen pages worth of additional content: Details about the world, a guide to GMing, six fully-detailed Gods to explore and devour, and a selection of items, threats and general weirdness for you to include in your campaigns. Hack it, mess with it, do whatever you want. I’m not your dad.

More stuff may be forthcoming for this system – adventure modules, more items and character cards, and so on – if there's any demand for it!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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How do players determine their ability pools and expertise?


Very interesting , hits on a lot of topics I find super intriguing and that I have trouble finding anything else that even gets close to scratching that itch. Look forward to trying it out. I think that maybe some more examples of what one actually finds inside of a god in terms of scenery would be helpful, but on the other hand leaving it open maybe lets the mind fill it out for you. I do think that page 6 would be better if moved to be the first page, as reading the rules without any info on the context they exist in was a bit confusing.